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Memorialize your four-legged and two legged family members with original art portraits by Lynne Srba Pet & People Portraits! [email protected]
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About Us

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My name is Lynne Srba, and I am an accomplished artist who operates Lynne Srba Pet & People Portraits in Raleigh, NC. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe studying, teaching, drawing and painting. I studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, Norfolk Virginia’s Old Dominion University, and the University of Milwaukee in Wisconsin. I then received my Master’s Degree from the North Carolina State University School of Design. T have taught at Meredith College in North Carolina and North Carolina State University School of Design in Raleigh.

My background is in portraiture, illustration, and design. I continue to work with corporations, universities, colleges, museums, and publishers, as well as individuals. I enjoy painting and drawing pets in landscapes and seascapes. My belief is that pets, both past and present, are angels of the universe. They comfort us when we’re sad, remain steadfast by our side through sickness, and protect us from physical harm.

I have many pieces of art displayed throughout the world in museums, galleries, private collections, and corporate collections. I have also illustrated publications, annual reports and books, including:

• Crow Joins the Choir – By Millie Fullwood
• Why is Johnny Special? – By Rozland Grace
• Use Your Beak – By Betty Erickson
• Howie has a Stomach Ache – By Johnnie Ray Moore
• Whoa Nellie! – By Hope Benton
• Best Friends! – By Hope Benton
• A Thousand Lights – By Hope Benton
• Down the Aisle – By Hope Benton
• Axis and Circumference – By Stephen A. Wainwright
• My Life with the Tsar and Other Poems – By Susan Firer

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